Cross Findings 10/3/2016 Why We Run…

You are a cyclocross racer, right?  Then you should be running in your weekly training program.

Here are a few quick thoughts why you need to be running or adding running to your current training program.

  1. Injury prevention:  Most runs for cyclocross racers are not designed for fitness but rather for injury prevention. I like to call them “bones” runs.  These are to help the body become acclimated to some of the pounding that happens during your CX season.
  2. Post Race Fatigue:  Many non runner crossers tell me they get some serious DOMS post race and it takes 3-5 days to shake that soreness.  Having some running in your plan will help decrease this.
  3. Dealing With Mud, Sand and Snow:  I just had an athlete return from the UCI jingle cross races and commented on how much running they did due to the mud.  This happens more than you think.  The title picture (above) is one I snapped a few years ago at the Boulder Reservoir and it had a huge section of beach running.
  4. Mechanical Breakdown:  Like many of you I have had my fair shares of mechanical over the years, and running to the pits can literally be the pits!




What next?

If you are not running and I suggest starting with some on/off sessions that are no longer than 30 minutes. On/off running has you switch between running and walking.  Nothing is sprinting.  Just keep a nice aerobic jog then recovery to a walk.  After doing this 1x per week for 3-5 weeks, try to increase your duration of the jog and overall time. Small steps go a long way.

See you at the races!