Hong Kong Cyclothon 2016

This week I was honored to help staff/coach for the 2016 Hong Kong Cyclothon in Hong Kong China.  This is the 2nd year for this UCI one day race.  The team core was from the U23 Gateway Harley-Davidson squad which is a great group of young athletes.  The field comprised mostly continental  pro teams, asian national squads and  two UCI pro tour teams.


The race support, staff and execution was very well deployed and we had some great feedback from the team.  The event had a bit of its own struggles to sort out riders at the finish for placing and final awards.  IMO the biggest issue was that many riders were lapped in the first 5 laps and were not pulled quick enough and also officials were not overly confidant on the execution of the field being lapped.  This caused a bit of post race turmoil.  At the end of the day, the team did manage to get a rider in the 15 man separation and finished 2nd the U23!  Good day all and all.   I know year 3 will go better.

Asia 6.jpg

Here are some race event pictures.




Final thoughts(for now).

As a young racer growing up in the midwest, I know about long rides to get to races, but this take the cake. Fourteen hours from SFO to HKG for a 90 min downtown circuit.  Hard to fathom at times.

It was also great to get some time with this great group of athletes.  As we continue to see that media portray the ills of cycling, I will let you know, the future is bright.  Time to fly.




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